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Frank "The Bank" Barragan

Hi, I’m Frank ‘The Bank’ Barragan.
Personal Loan Specialist.

2020 has been a pretty bleak year for many people and this has caused a strain on finances. One way to create peace of mind is to secure a personal loan to ease some of the financial burden whilst you get back on your feet.

You may be looking to pay off those high interest credit cards that you never seem to get a handle on. You may have some debts that you know you should really consolidate so that you’ve got one monthly payment instead of 3 or 4 making you feel like you’re chasing your tail month after month.

Or you could be looking to finally get around to doing those home improvements you’ve been thinking about.

These are just some of the things that a low interest rate personal loan can be used for. And most importantly, seeing if you qualify for a personal loan won’t leave a mark on your credit fileWith interest rates as low as 5.99% let me help you gain some peace of mind.

And from me, you’ll get a simple promise:

We’ll Get It Done Right – The first time.

My Best To You Always,

Frank ‘The Bank’ Barragan
Principal, CRN 398485

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