Conversations with a Pug

Frank "The Bank" Barragan
Frank “The Bank” Barragan

Welcome to the Loan? Which Loan? blog, Conversations With A Pug. The creation of this blog is another manifestation of our lifelong ambition to lend a helping hand in your financial journey. Through our weekly updates, we’ll be handing over our lenses, giving you our perspective into the finance world—its climate and how that may affect you. We will also be sharing with you tricks and tips of the trade, on how to transform your financial aspirations into a very real financially secured reality.

Why Call It Conversations With A Pug?

In life, we’re lucky if we can find one person who truly listens to us. Who is a strong and loyal confidant and that sincerely has our best interests at heart.

Well, I have four. My pugs Luna, Sol, Tierra and our youngest Kiki. They’ve sat and listened to me while I’ve thought aloud and are always eager to share their support. And while they might not say much, they always give me the answers I need. These conversations have shaped my present and will shape my future, and in the ways that these four pugs have helped me, I would like to help you.

This is why I’ve named my blog Conversations With A Pug.

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