Conversations with a Pug – 10 Quick weekend renos to add value to your home |

Conversations with a Pug – 10 Quick weekend renos to add value to your home


10 Quick weekend renos to add value to your home

You’ve read the weekend paper, gone for a lovely stroll and had your Sunday coffee, now you’re twiddling your thumbs looking for something to do. Look no more, we’ve got the solution, pick up a hammer or paintbrush and get to work on a quick and easy renovation task that will add value to your home. Given there’s no shortage of ideas when it comes to DIY home renos, find some time over the weekend, don’t lounge around and pick up a tool and get cracking. While each home is unique, here are 10 projects that most homeowners would benefit from and best of all, you can knock them over in a weekend.

No. #1 Replace the front door and don’t forget the doorknob!

The front door to your home has a huge impact on the curb appeal of your place. It can be the first thing potential owners look at, so you want it in good shape. If it looks old and shabby it can turn people away for good. All you need are some basic tools and you can replace a worn and torn front door on a Saturday afternoon and always remember to update the handle too.

No. #2 Paint the front door

If you don’t have the tools or feel like you may not have the skills to replace the front door then give it a fresh lick of paint! It is the primary feature that buyers will see when they approach your place. A fresh coat of paint will add value to your home as well as leaving a lasting impression for guests and if your selling, potential buyers. When choosing a colour, go with one that compliments the colour scheme of your place. Don’t select a tone that is way out there, as that can turn people off.

No. #3 Paint the walls

While you’ve got the paintbrush out you may as well head inside. Painting the interior walls is an easy project to tackle over the weekend and is one of the simplest, most cost-effective improvements you can make to a home. If the walls are showing signs of wear and the colour is dated a lick of paint can improve the feel, cleanliness and look of a home quickly. When selecting paint colours, keep in mind that neutrals appeal to the greatest number of people, therefore making your home more desirable.

No. #4 Update or add a kitchen splashback

The kitchen is a key selling point in any home so if it’s looking a little tatty, why not add value to it this weekend? A great place to start is by adding or updating the splashback, the most visible feature of a kitchen. You don’t need to go with an over the top, expensive kitchen revamp. Just by updating the splashback with stylish tiles you can brighten and modernise the space.

No. #5 Modernise bathroom tiles

Sick of the outdated, ugly tiles or wallpaper in your bathroom? If so it’s probably time you rip them down this weekend and purchase some new tiles for a trendy, fresh bathroom look. This project can be liberating, so stop thinking about it and get to work and tear off that floral wallpaper!

No. #6 Introduce new bathroom fittings

Replacing bathroom fittings is a relatively easy and cost effective task that can add value to your home. Start with the shabby fittings that have done their time such as the toilet seat, vanity and shower screen. Next you can focus on updating the taps and shower head using your existing plumbing points. By the end of the weekend you’ll have a more attractive and stylish bathroom.

No. #7 Upgrade old door handles

When you think about it, door handles get a lot of wear given most are opened and shut at least once every day! With a closer inspection you might realise it’s about time to replace them. Before you head off to the shops to replace the knob grab a screwdriver and remove one so you know the exact type you’re after. You’d hate to waste a whole weekend going back and forth from the shops trying to find the right fit.

If you’re on a roll and have a little more free time over the weekend head into the kitchen and replace the handles on cupboards and draws.

No. #8 Build some garden beds and plant a tree

Spending time on your garden is invaluable and therapeutic! By planting colourful garden beds in your front garden you can create a warm, homely feel to your place, adding huge benefits to the curb appeal. All you’ll need is a basic frame, some plants of your choice and soil and you will have given your garden an instant facelift in just a few short days.

Planting a tree is also beneficial, making your property more eco-friendly. It also adds greenery to your front and or backyard and provides shade in those warmer months.

No. #9 Install a water filtration system

Adding a money saving luxury to your home is an easy way to increase its value. Installing a water filtration system in your kitchen will purify your water, lower your grocery bills (no more bottled water) and have a positive impact on the environment (less plastic bottles). A water filtration system is inexpensive and can easily be done in a few hours over the weekend. It’s also a small luxury home buyers love!

No. 10# Trading ceiling fans

Replacing, old, disheveled or even broken ceiling fans is an ideal way to add value to your home and make your property more energy efficient. Taking the time to choose the right ceiling fans for your bedroom and or living areas can provide a modern look while creating a cool breeze that reduces the need for expensive air conditioning.

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