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Conversations with a Pug – Questions to ask your mortgage broker





Questions to ask your mortgage broker
When you are going through the home loan and mortgage application process, your mortgage broker can help navigate you through all the paperwork and different loan options to find the right loan for you. While the process might seem overwhelming, you might not know which questions to ask.
When you ask your mortgage broker the following questions, you will have a better grasp of why your broker selected this loan as the best fit for your circumstances. You also need to be confident that you feel this is the best loan for your circumstances, and if you have any concerns you can discuss these with your broker before signing on the dotted line.
Do you have a license?
A mortgage broker is required to have a current license in order to practice in the finance market, and this license should be displayed on their web page or in the office. Without a valid license, your mortgage broker is not qualified to give you advice on your mortgage.
What can you offer me that the bank can’t offer?
Amazingly, not all brokers have an answer to this! A good broker will explain their services thoroughly and these services should include finding the right loan package for you, then setting up the loan on your behalf. Their services should save you the time and stress of comparing loan packages for yourself and then organizing the loan directly.
Which lenders are on your list?
A good broker will have access to a wide range of lenders, from the largest established banks to the smaller lenders. The broker should also be experienced in interacting with all these lenders, so they know how each one determines a loan application and how long they take to give loan approval.
With this experience and background, the broker will be able to give you accurate updates about the progress of your loan application.
How do you determine that this loan is the most suitable for my needs?
Your mortgage broker is legally obligated to find a home loan that is suited to your circumstances. Ask your broker to explain the thought process so you understand how they felt the features, rates and fees were right for your circumstances. For example, if you want the freedom to make overpayments on your loan, you need to ensure that your mortgage broker has chosen a loan that allows this without a penalty admin fee.
How long will it take to process the loan?
As mentioned above, different lenders have different procedures for processing loans, and some will take longer than others. Your mortgage broker should know how long it will take to process your loan application so you can work with a realistic timeframe while house-hunting. You don’t want the right house to slip through your fingers because your loan wasn’t approved on time!
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