Conversations with a Pug – 5 Ways To Tell If You Found The Right House |

Conversations with a Pug – 5 Ways To Tell If You Found The Right House

5 Ways To Tell If You Found The Right House
You’ve seen a lot of homes lately. You have been out every weekend searching for the right home for you. At this point, you might not be sure it’s even out there, or if it is, you might not find it. Then you drive up to a home that gives you hope. At this point, however, how can you tell if it is the right house for you?
Here are 5 sure signs that you’ve found the right house:
1. You feel excited. Just as your first love might have given you knots in your stomach, the right home could as well. You start to imagine a life in the home and it’s exciting.
2. You overlook the flaws. You are realistically seeing the negative aspects of the home and are willing to overlook them. Maybe you wanted a view and this home doesn’t have one. But the beautiful kitchen remodel and spacious landscaped yard make up for that.
3. It doesn’t have your deal breakers. You should never compromise on the real deal breakers in your criteria. That might be tempting if the master bathroom is perfect, but if you have to have 4 bedrooms and this is really just a 3 bedroom, you’ll regret buying the home.
4. It fits your overall criteria. The home is located in the school district, city or neighbourhood you want. The larger lifestyle aspects line up with the home.
5. You can afford it. So important! There is no reason to go see homes you truly can’t afford, but it happens. The right home is in your budget.
Of course there are many more aspects which goes into knowing if the home is the right home for you and your family. One of the best ways to know you’ve found the right home is how badly you want the house. Once you’ve left the showing have you compared all other houses to this one? Do you talk about it, think about it? Can you imagine yourself in the home? If so, you’ve found the right one.
So if you’ve found the right home, write that offer! Don’t let it get away!

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